5 Rules of Customer Service
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1   RespondRespond effectively to every inquiry. Never ignore a customer
People get angry when they’re ignored, and they LOVE getting a reasonable response – even if it doesn’t solve their problem – even if it’s only, “We need to look into this, and will get back to you tomorrow.”
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2  EasyMake it easy to do business
Why is everything so hard? Policies, delays, talk to someone else. Just answer the question or be reasonable. And develop systems that make business easier.
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3  RespectRespect the customer's time
Why should it take hours to resolve a problem? That’s theft of life. Let customers vent, find the answer, and get back to them.
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4  ExplainCustomers are not always right, but they deserve an explanation
OK, not every customer is right: some just don’t understand the product or the situation. But they deserve good information. Those who complain want you to explain.
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5  SolveSolve problems better and faster with innovative technology
How can you deliver great customer experiences when your contact center is understaffed and overwhelmed? Better technology: Work force management to match agents to high demand, process automation to pull data from multiple systems, AI to suggest solutions, and so much more new technology that can leverage your existing team, and make customer experiences a dream.
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One response to “Five Rules”

  1. Oliver says:

    My cardinal rule: make your website work before making me use it 😉

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